Cannae LLC is a Pennsylvania, limited-liability company formed to develop, test, and commercialize the Cannae Drive technology. Cannae LLC paid for the development and testing of the Cannae Drive with private funding. Cannae continues to fund company operations and develop the Cannae Drive technology with private-placement capital.

Cannae LLC has patent-pending status on the Cannae Drive technology (under the title "Electromagnetic Thruster"), including all novel resonating cavity designs, descriptions, and applications for the device described on this website.

Cannae recognizes the contributions of the following individuals:

Inventor of the Cannae Drive and Manager of Cannae LLC
The members of Cannae LLC
Thank you for your continuing support
Dr. Chase Boulware • Mike DeRosia • Dr. Terry Grimm • Jerry Hollister
Nick Miller & the  team at Niowave Inc.
Building and testing the Cannae Drive POC cavity and experimental apparatus under the direction of Cannae LLC
Creative lead for media
Andy Cruz • Rich Roat • Ken Barber • Adam Cruz • Bondé Prang
& the team at House Industries
Business start-up services
Web development
Ed Roberts of Ansoft
For use of HFSS numerical-method software under an evaluation license
John Deford and Rich McAdams of AWR
For use of Analyst numerical-method software under an evaluation license